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SMC Land Surveyors is licensed to operate throughout Victoria, and we will travel anywhere within the state to satisfy the needs of our clients. Located in Sunshine we are the preferred firm for many architects, builders and home owners in Melbourne's west and beyond. We are equipped to complete almost all surveying tasks, from terrain modelling to multi-level subdivisions. If your project needs a surveyor, we're the team for you.

We Also Provide

Title Re-establishment // Boundary Dispute Advice // Subdivisions // Feature Surveys // Site context Surveys // Site Analysis Surveys  // Level Surveys  // Application Surveys  // Flood Level Surveys  // Monitoring Surveys  // Construction Set-out  // Building Set-out  // Asset Recording  // Government Body & Referral Authority Liaising // Engineering Projects // Boundary Re-allignments


Subdivision is the process of creating individual titles for land parcels to allow for separate sale. Only a Licensed Surveyor can subdivide land within the state of Victoria. SMC Land Surveyors has over 40 years of surveying experience and can guide you through the process ensuring each stage is completed in a timely an efficient manner.



A re-establishment survey, also known as check or relocation survey is conducted to mathematically calculate the original title position. A survey to re-establish the title may be required for many reasons including to mark the boundaries for the set-out of units or to resolve a fencing dispute.



A Feature Survey is often the starting point for land development projects. We will liaise with your architect or designer to ascertain the exact scope of work required. We produce both digital and hard copy plans that are both aesthetically pleasing and impressively accurate.

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