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What is a re-establishment survey?

As we come to the close of another year a question we are often asked is "what exactly is a re-establishment survey?". SMC Land Surveyors hosts many students both in high school and at university throughout the year. Sometimes in the process of explaining the components of the land survey we miss the bigger picture.

From the largest multi-storey construction to building a garage on the boundary, Almost all forms of development will require a re-establishment survey. The goal of a re-establishment survey is to locate the original property boundary as it was set out when the title was created as shown on the certificate town. In simple terms we find what you own and show you where it is.

During this process we will mark the boundaries and produce a Plan of Survey that indicates the relationship between the title boundaries and existing fencing. This is a legal document signed by a licensed surveyor and can be used in support of any process relating to your title.

The attached image is one of the essential tools used by all surveyors. The total station. One of our enthusiastic year 10 work experience guests is shown here as he learns about the re-establishment process first hand,


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