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The Subdivision Stage


During the Subdivision Stage SMC Land Surveyors will produce a Plan of Subdivision.

Will facilitate the application for Planning Permit and Certification to council including the supply of supporting documents.

Liaison with Council and Service authorities


What we will require from you:

Provide us with a copy of your development permit.

Complete and return the documents that we provide for you to proceed.

Apply for provision and connection to all services for the units. This still has to be done even if you are not proposing to build the units.

What we will do:

Prepare a draft plan of subdivision based on the development permit.

Submit the subdivision to council for processing.


Allow up to 10 working days for us to prepare the plan of subdivision. Submission to council is subject to the return of required documentation.

The council process will take at least 2-3 months, however some councils will require the units to be completed before finalizing the application.

You should allow 4-6 months for this process, subject to your building program


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